Viral Video: Kind-Hearted Rescuers Save Deer Encased in Ice with its Mouth Covered

When it comes to nature, there is no denying that it can be rather harsh. We’ve all heard of the phrase, “survival of the fittest.” It definitely fits most scenarios in the wild – we’ve all seen at least one heartbreaking moment on a wildlife documentary.

Unfortunately, it’s all part of the circle of life. However, every once in a while, we humans can be there to help out a wild animal that might not have made it without a little bit of help.

For example, one deer in Kazakhstan got lucky when two local residents were able to give it a second chance at life.

The winter months can be absolutely breathtaking in nature. Snow and ice create beautiful scenescapes for anyone looking for a real-life winter fairytale setting. However, it can also be quite dangerous in the winter months, as the low temperatures and ice can quickly cause freezing and other disasters. However, this disaster was averted when Abylaikhan Kuandyk and Nurzhan Makayev stepped in to help the deer in need.

The two were outside when they noticed that there was a solitary deer standing by itself on the side of a snowy road. They noticed that there was something off about the way that the deer was positioned. It was standing there, completely still with its head down. It wouldn’t move at all.


Upon closer inspection, the two realized that the deer couldn’t move its head. It was completely immobile due to a solid amount of snow and ice that had frozen over its head!

Given that the temperatures that day were -68.8°F, the deer was unable to free itself from its icy trap. Were it not for Kuandyk and Makayev, it probably would’ve met a grim fate. Luckily for the deer, the two people were willing to help.


The man took hold of the deer and helped it to the ground. Then, he quickly and gently set about breaking the ice and snow off of the deer’s head, eventually freeing it.

The deer immediately ran off once it was freed, but at least it was a story that had a happy ending!


What do you think of the deer’s rescue? Have you ever had to do something similar for a deer in the winter? Let us know!


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