Video: Two Giant Bison Act Swiftly to Protect Calf from Wolf Pack, Narrowly Avoiding Trampling

Wow, those bison showed up right in the nick of time…

A wildlife photographer and guide of the Yellowstone Wolf Tracker tour named Michael Sypniewski just so happened to be at the right place when this bison calf found itself in the wrong one.

The video begins with the calf doing its best to fend off an attack from a wolf, which was giving the young animal all that it could handle. To make matters worse, a black wolf comes running into the frame, and the two wolves begin to pull and tug on the bison in an attempt to take it down.

Things were not looking good for the calf, and with it being so young that it struggled adequately protect itself, it looked as though the wolves would be making it their next meal. When the footage showed yet another wolf running in to join in on the fun (if you ask the wolves, not the bison), you knew the calf was in some major trouble.

And just when it appeared that the bison calf didn’t have much longer to live, two adult bison come stampeding into the scene, scattering the pack of wolves. However, in their attempt to break up the fight and save the day, they accidentally knock over and almost trample the calf.

When the adult makes contact with the small calf, the baby bison goes flying through the air like it just got hit by a truck. Somehow, the calf regains its composure and takes off in the direction that the adult bison came from, with its two “bodyguards” following closely behind.

The two adults escort the young bison to safety, leaving the pack of wolves perplexed and feeling as though they just got their dinner stolen right from underneath them. Well, I guess they kind of did…

Yellowstone National Park was the backdrop for this incredibly wild animal encounter caught on tape, with the caption of the clip from the videographer sharing:

“To say this calf was lucky would be an understatement. This young bison was sleeping on the outskirts of it’s herd when it was caught off guard by a group of wolves. Separated from the herd, I thought for sure the wolves were on their way to securing an easy meal.

Then, seemingly out of no where, two adult bison from the nearby herd came barreling onto the scene to protect the youngster, almost trampling the calf in the process. Once returned back to the herd, the adults carefully escorted the wolves out of the area.

The calf escaped with what appeared to be just minor injuries. Another incredible day in the park.”

Take a look:

Instagram users in the comments of the post couldn’t believe the incredible timing of the bison as they swooped in like Superman to save the young calf’s life:

“I just loved the rescue of his elders it was amazing- it is so amazing how they take care of each other.”

“Not easy being a wolf for sure.”

“Such an incredible encounter! I can’t even begin to imagine what a huge thrill it must have been to witness in person.”

“Unreal!! Bison are such gangsters.”


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