Video: Incredible moment mother bird halts a tractor to stop her eggs being run over 

This is the moment a brave bird stops a moving tractor to prevent it from running over her eggs.

The red farm vehicle suddenly slows down when the bird, with its wings open, stops in front of it.

As the tractor moves forward, the bird heads towards the vehicle to try and stop it

The bird opens its wings in front of the tractor to prevent it from continuing to move

The bird then moves around the field from one location to the other, but it always checks that her eggs are safe.

Watch the video:

The video was shot in Ulanqab, a city in Inner Mongolia, on June 21.

A man filmed the bird protecting its eggs, pictured, while ploughing a field in China

A man named Zhang Guoqiang happened to see the bird and filmed the touching moment when he was ploughing a field.

He then reportedly protected that area and also placed some water in a plastic bottle for the bird.

When he went to check the second time, the bird eggs had been hatched and only the shells were left.


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