Video: Heroic Effort Saves Baby Goat Trapped in Hardened Tar, a Touching Tale of Rescue

“Sometimes it’s not medicine that does the trick. It’s hours of work, a pinch of luck, blended in love,” writes Animal Aid Unlimited. They are talking about the rescue of Little Suri, a baby goat that was covered from head to toe in hardened tar.

Suri had been cruelly abandoned by her owner and left to die. Luckily, someone found her and brought her to the animal shelter in India to save her life. The tiny goat was overheated and dehydrated and almost unconscious when she first arrived and saving her “took 10 loving hands working for hours.”

Tar covered every inch of Suri’s body. Her legs were stuck together and her tail was stuck to her thighs. The only thing she could move were her eyes and, thankfully, her mouth, so they could administer her fluids.

Watch the video:

Animal Aid Unlimited says that their experience in cleaning puppies stuck in tar meant that they knew it would take hours to soften the toxic tar using vegetable oil and soap to melt it off. But for Suri it took three days of cleaning to rid her of the sticky black substance!

“When Suri was finally freed from the grip of the tar, she nearly jumped for joy. And so did we,” rescuers write.

Thankfully, Suri has a new home in an animal sanctuary where she can live out her days free from worry.


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