Abandoned and Unbroken: Paralyzed Dog, Rejected by Hunter, Clings to Hope, Refusing to Surrender to Fate’s Cruelty

When Avellana was rescued by Galgos del Sol in Spain she could barely lift her head. Her owner, a hunter, didn’t want her any more because she was paralyzed. But her rescuers refused to give up on her. At the vet, they learned she had inflammation of her nervous system due to a rare immune disease.

She started intensive physiotherapy, swimming several times a week and doing various exercises. She still got out to visit other dogs being pushed in a cart.

Her rescuers said that the more they cheered Avellana on, the harder she worked. She really wanted to walk again.

Bit by bit, each limb started to move by itself and she was able to walk again! Once she started to walk again, she wanted to be spoiled and she is! She’s been adopted by Anne and now lives in a home with lots of dogs and lots of love.

Galgos del Sol is dedicated to saving galagos and podencos in Spain. “With tens of thousands of galgos and podencos abandoned every year…we combine rescuing as many as possible but still manage to maintain a good quality of living where the dogs get lots of love & attention, rehabilitation, vet care and time out the kennels,” the group writes on Facebook. “It’s a delicate balance which I think we do well.


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