Unexplained Phenomenon: Video Reveals Four-Armed UFO Circling the Sun, Sparking Conspiracy Theories and Accusations of NASA Concealment

Alien hunters claim the mystery object has been orbiting the Earth’s star for five years, capturing energy from the colossal star

A gigantic four-armed UFO spotted orbiting the sun is a living space ship feeding from the star’s energy, according to conspiracy theorists.

Alien enthusiasts say NASA is covering up a huge secret about a giant UFO

Footage of the UFO has been spotted repeatedly over five years, according to alien enthusiasts

The SOHO satellite, managed by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), hovers in the orbit transmitting to Earth real-time data about solar activity in order to enable researchers to predict space weather.

World’s largest telescope to be switched on as scientists step up search for alien life

Footage of the mysterious UFO was posted to YouTube earlier this week by UFO hunter StreetCap1 who questions “Why has NASA continually released these photos without any explanation of these anomalies?”

The SOHO satellite is managed by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA)

A graphic showing what alien enthusiasts says is a giant four-armed UFO

Alien enthusiast Scott C. Waring said the footage “shows three long appendages protruding from a main object.

“It also shows a fourth arm…. That is more than two times long as the higher arms. All four arms are solid objects, not trails.”


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