Government Official Affirms: UFO Sightings Near Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Occur 10 Times in a Month, Prompting Fascination and Speculation

Kudankulam (or Koodankulam) Nuclear Plant is located in the town of Tirunelveli, India, and now appears to be of particular interest to aliens who have been seen flying around it

A series of UFOs have been spotted flying around one of the world’s largest nuclear plants a whopping 10 times in one month, an expert has claimed.

UFO spotted in India? Tamil Nadu SI alleges to see 'mysterious zigzag object' 10 times near Nuclear Plants

Kudankulam (or Koodankulam) Nuclear Plant is located in the town of Tirunelveli, India, and has seemingly become a UFO /UAP hotspot. According to UFO researcher Sabir Hussain, who works at the Indian Society for Extraterrestrial Studies, an local official spotted the strange occurrence.

UFOs Monitoring Natural Disasters & Preventing Nuclear Ones - Crystalinks

The first sighting came just 10 days after someone else reported seeing a UFO in a nearby village around the coast of Chennai, and saw the strange object flying in a “zigzag” fashion while appearing to shine a very bright light across the night sky.

Hussain, who claims to have spoken to a man called Syed Abdul Kader, said: “Syed, an engineering graduate (now a sub-inspector), has seen UFOs more than 10 times in the Koodankulam area in August 2023.”

And when tracked down by news outlet DT Next, Syed said: “After meeting UFO tracker Sabir and discussing with him, I am more than 100% sure what I saw were UFOs. The way it stood still, the way it made zigzag movements and the speed in which it disappeared – all were different.”

Five UFOs spotted above nuclear power plant in Fukushima, conspiracy theorists suspect alien visit - IBTimes India

A photo taken by Syden shows a bright white light in the night sky, in the shape of a circle – but no distinguishable features can be made out from the image he shared. The first part of the nuclear plant in question opened in 2013, with more units coming online at various points of the next 10 years.

Building work is currently taking place to open Unit Six, and has been done in collaboration with Russian-state owned Atomstroyexport.

No other reports of UFOs/UAPs have been made over the sight since first spotted in August, however, and no official comments by India’s government or nuclear plant management has been made either.


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