Triumph Over Tragedy: Heartbreaking Tale of a Dog Attacked and Left for Dead, Yet Makes a Miraculous Full Recovery

Dogs aren’t always the loving, sweet-natured animals that we all know and love. Sometimes they can be rather mean – even to each other!

And one poor poor dog got brutally attacked by another dog, leaving him in very bad shape.

The dog, Watger, had been left for dead following his horrific dog attack. But the worst part was his family was unable to help him.

They tried their best to care for Watger’s injuries themselves, but they couldn’t and they didn’t have the money or resources to get him the medical help he needed. Thankfully, that is when the South African animal rescue, Sidewalk Specials, intervened.

The family called them to get Watger the help he needed. They took Watger in and cared for him, helping him heal through the worst of his injuries. Once he was all better, Sidewalk Specials was able to return him back to his family.

As the rescue wrote on YouTube, “Keeping township dogs with their loving families is always first prize – not only does it educate the township community on responsible pet care, it prevents another animal entering an already over flowing welfare system.”

There were some people who questioned Sidewalk Special’s decision to return Watger back to his original family after having been so badly injured.

However, the rescue stood behind their decision, explaining, “We can’t ‘home them all,’ there will never be enough loving/ responsible homes, but we can uplift and sterilise to prevent future suffering!”