My Heart Was Racing When Watching Yellowstone Wolf Flees Rival Pack in a Thrilling Downhill Chase Across the Rugged Terrain

A young wolf under attack by a rival pack Wednesday in Yellowstone National Park was captured on video fleeing in a full downhill sprint across rugged terrain.The dramatic footage was captured by Michelle Holihan for Yellowstone Wolf Tracker, which described the scene via Instagram:

“Today our Winter Wolf Watch saw the Rescue Creek Pack run across the Lupine Creek Pack and an epic chase began. Several Rescue Creek Pack wolves ran up on a grey pup from Lupine, the rest of her pack fled but she didn’t understand the danger until it was too late and she had to flee full speed down a mountain slope to escape.”


Viewers are likely to be amazed at the remarkable speed and agility on display by the young gray wolf and those leading the attack.


Wolf Tracker continued: “We lost sight of the grey and don’t know what happened to her! Wolf packs are territorial but in the winter when all the wildlife is concentrated at low elevations they can have encounters like this one.”