The peculiar disc-shaped clouds appearing over Key West in February 2024 are fueling suspicions of an extraterrestrial base in Florida

Guys this is just amazing, remember that I mentioned that there is an alien base that is below part of Florida and extends out into the Florida Keys for 10 miles? Well here is more proof. More UFOs have been seen or at least, the imprint of the UAP disks have been seen which pressed into the clouds from above and created a bowl-like shape.

This in not one, but a whole fleet of ships that came from outside our atmosphere and sat in the clouds until nightfall where they then lower down into the water to go down into the underground base, 5km below the ocean floor.

100% proof that alien try to outsmart us with making us second, third and fourth guess ourselves, when all along, there is only one explanation…aliens.

Now in the 89 page MUFON UFO investigation paper on the O’Hare airport incident of 2006, they said the UFO seen by eyewitnesses at the airport hovered then shot off upward through the clouds fast, leaving a disk shaped hole in the cloud for 15 minutes!

So yeah, UFOs make holes in clouds. The proof in documented.


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