Savage Showdown: Brown Bear and Two Hungry Wolves Engage in Insane Tug of War with Deer Carcass

Just when these wolves thought they had their next meal locked down…

There’s nothing worse than when your dinner plans change at last second. The two wolves in this footage had either brought down a deer on their own, or stumbled across one that had already died, and were about to dig in until a challenger entered into the mix.

With a brown bear closing in, the wild canines started showing their canines, growling and barking as they attempted to scare the big bruin away. But that didn’t affect the apex predator even for a second, and it strolled in confidently to stake its claim and swipe away the venison from the wolves.

Without hesitating, the brown bear walked right up to the carcass and bit down into it, then began to drag it off. The wolves did their best to fight back, and even grabbed onto the other side of deer’s body to play a strange, morbid version of tug of war.

And it wasn’t much of a contest as the bear easily overpowered the two wolves and effortlessly pulled the deer (with two angry canines attached) away from its competitors.

One wolf fought to hang on with all of its might, but a couple of swipes of the bear’s sharp claws changed its mind, and it too eventually gave up on holding on to the deer. It was after the bear got in a few good punches that the wolves finally retreated with their ears down and their tails tucked between their legs.

Once the bruin was able to secure the deer carcass, it opted to rub in the victory a bit by gloating. For those that say animals can’t smile or laugh, go ahead and watch the very end of this clip and see if you still feel the same way.


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