Stray Pit Bull Wags His Way Into His Adoptive Dad’s Heart

A woman had seen a pit bull running around in the Compton area of Los Angeles County and stopped to help him. She managed to get the skinny dog into her car. She brought the dog to Shira with The Animal Rescue Mission. Shira immediately noticed that the pittie was wagging his tail and that he just wanted to be loved.

Shira didn’t want such a sweet dog going into the shelter. She wanted to give him the best chance of surviving so she reached out to her sister rescue, Peace 4 Animals, who pulled out a miracle and got the “sweet angel” into seeing a vet.

On day 3 everyone was in love with “Charlie.” It didn’t take long for Charlie to find an adopter.

Jay had learned of Charlie from Shira and was obsessed with helping the dog. And as soon as they met it was love at first sight. The pair connected right away.

Jay said the first night, Charlie made himself comfortable. Now Charlie gets to go to the beach nearly every day the the two are best buds!