Baby elephant is rescued from a mud pit by an anti-poaching group after being submerged in soaring heat for two days

A baby elephant is rescued by an anti-poaching group after it was trapped in a mud pit for two days.

A team from the anti-poaching group, Bumi Hills Foundation, made their way over Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, to rescue the mammal after fishermen reported the incident.

Footage captures the baby elephant submerged in the pit, while its mother scrapes away the mud with its foot.

The distressed mother frantically attempts to dig out her child, as it struggles to keep its head above the sticky mud.

The baby elephant’s legs were completely submerged in the mud pit on the side of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

Rescuers from the anti-poaching group, Bumi Hills Foundation, made their way over the lake in a boat. However the distressed mother elephant splashed her trunk in the water as she defensively charged towards the group

In a bid to calm the mother down, the team sedated her using a dart gun. To cool the pair down the rescuers pour cold water and put damp towels over their skin

The team attempt to wrestle the baby elephant from the sticky mud near the lake using their hands

The rescuers approach the mother in a boat, however the distressed elephant charges at the group and splashes her trunk in the lake.

Locals reported they had spotted the trapped elephant two days before, however the remote location proved difficult in getting the word out.

Rescuers are forced to immobilise the mother using a dart gun to sedate her, allowing them to get up close to the baby.

More of the team come to the rescue and use spades to dig the frightened animal free after being trapped there for two days

As the mother rolls over in the mud, the team spray her with cold water and put wet towels on her trunk in a desperate attempt to cool her down.

The team dig the baby elephant free using spades as it trumpets to signal distress.

After 30 minutes of digging, the baby is hauled from the mud using ropes tied around its stomach.

The team continue to pour cold water over its mother and desperately try to scrape mud away from the elephant’s body

They tie a rope around the mammal’s body and haul it from the mud in a last attempt to save the elephant

Triumphant! The mother elephant stumbles to her feet after she was sedated to find her offspring free from the mud. She wanders off into the bushes behind with her baby in tow

The group check the mother over as she stumbles to her feet and walks off into the bushes with her child.

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