Shocking Footage: Young Bison Desperately Fights for Its Life Against a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park

I’m tired just watching this…

Yellowstone National Park is home to absolutely incredible sights, from beautiful mountain landscapes to erupting geysers, while supporting an ecosystem of some of nature’s coolest animals.

And while we sometimes like to pretend those animals cohabitate and get along like Winnie The Pooh, the reality is very, very different.

Take this video for example, which shows an excruciatingly tiring fight between a young bison and a grizzly bear.

Captured by Michael Daus of Wyoming, it shows a far from fully-grown bison displaying the raw power and will to survive inside each one of these beasts.

But unfortunately for the bison, he was up against one of the greatest killing machines ever put on planet Earth.

There were times where it looked like the bison was going to get away, even putting the grizzly on the defensive for a second, but it turned out to be fruitless.

While we don’t see the final result, there’s almost no escaping when a grizzly decides your time is up. The video ends with a completely exhausted bison near the edge of a stream with the grizzly still attacking.

I think we can guess how this one ends.

Nothing like a vicious nature video to humble you and help you realize our place in the food chain if we had to just fight it out…

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