Nature’s Brutal Showdown: Dramatic Moment as Pack of Hyenas Clash Head-On with Two Lions in a Vicious Fight Over Prey

A PHOTOGRAPHER captured one of the oldest rivalries in the animal kingdom as a pair of lions went head to head with a pack of hungry hyenas.

Snapped in the heart of the Masai Mara, south Kenya, the pictures give an insight into the day-to-day battles between Africa’s most deadly predators.

A German photographer has mangaged to capture the dramatic moment a pack of hyenas to head-to-head with two lionsCredit: Barcroft Media

Ingo Gerlach was alerted to the fight when he heard roars in the heart of the Masai Mara in South KenyaCredit: Barcroft Media

The lions chase the hungry hyenasCredit: Barcroft Media

The hyenas originally were hoping to steal a zebraCredit: Barcroft Media

The hyenas manged to make off with a gazelle following the fightCredit: Barcroft Media

German photographer Ingo Gerlach took the powerful images while on safari in the iconic game reserve in August 2015, witnessing first hand the good and bad side of nature.

While travelling through the park, the experienced photographer was alerted to the sound of roars and growls.

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He said: “I could hear roaring from afar but I didn’t know the reason for the noise. After crossing a small hill with my off road-vehicle I found the source of all the noise.

“I noticed a dead zebra with two lions standing by it surrounded by numerous howling and shrieking hyenas.”

After picking up the scent of the zebra the hyenas – known for being prolific scavengers – surrounded the lions hoping to use their considerable numbers to intimidate them away from the kill.

Huge Male Lion Helps Lioness Deal With Pesky Hyena - A-Z Animals

But despite their numerical advantage the hyenas struggled to steal the kill away from the pair of lions.

Ingo said: “The lioness and a hyena were in front of my vehicle. The lioness’ facial expression was completely indifferent to the hyenas’ attack, however you could see the fear and horror on the face of the hyena.”

He added: “The lions were already noticeably full, nevertheless, they did not want to give up the zebra. “They always chased off the hyenas.”

Why are lions and hyenas always at odds with each other? –

With each failed attempt at taking the zebra only serving to make the lions more agitated, the hyena pack were forced to find food elsewhere.

Within mere moments, the cruel side of nature showed itself as a new born calf was quickly snapped up by the hungry hyenas.

Ingo said: “The two hyenas captured a newly born Thomson’s gazelle that was in the high grass. With a powerful bite, the calf quickly became a small snack for the hyenas.”

Spotted hyena carries the severed head of a lioness : r/natureismetal

Unbeknownst to Ingot however, the ‘small snack’ was in fact intended for the cubs of the hyenas who were in their den waiting for their mother to return.

The surprising turn of events highlighted both the good and bad of nature and also showed what parents in the animal kingdom have to go through to provide food for their young.

Ingo added: “These pictures are not easy to look at but it should be remembered that the hyena has cubs to feed who also deserve a right to live. This is the cycle of nature.”

The photographer called the scene ‘the cycle of nature’ and was unaware that the hyenas took the prey back to some cubs Credit: Barcroft Media

Throughout the fight the lions become more agitated with their rivalsCredit: Barcroft Media

The hyenas had to make do with a gazelle after initially trying to take zebra from the lionsCredit: Barcroft Media

Shot of the hyneas fleeing the scene Credit: Barcroft Media


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