Rare Footage: Greedy Leopard Wants 2 Baby Warthogs, But

A leopard hunts warthogs but is not satisfied with just one piglet. The leopard drops its kill and chases another piglet.

42-year-old Thuli Mnisi, a field guide in the Kruger National Park, and Cassie Yeager had the privilege of watching the hunt unfold. The sighting and footage was sent to LatestSightings.com.

“There was a report of a leopard that was seen earlier on the H11. My guests from the USA had never seen a leopard and were on the edge of their seats when they heard about this sighting. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it, so I decided to take S1 towards S65, in the hope that perhaps our luck may change.”

“On the junction of the S1 and S65, I spotted a family of warthogs playing on the road. We stopped to take some photos, completely unaware of what was to happen next. Suddenly, one of my guests screamed leopard! This took us by surprise. However, I think the family of warthogs may have been a little more surprised than us.”

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Leopards are elusive and stealthy animals known for their hunting prowess. They are excellent climbers and ambush hunters, making it easier for them to hunt and survive in their natural habitat. They are solitary animals that hunt mostly at night, using their incredible senses of sight and hearing to locate their prey.

Leopard hunts warthogs!

“Had I blinked, I would have missed the kill. The leopard successfully caught a young piglet. With one powerful bite to the head, the piglet suffered instant death. The leopard attempted to chase the second piglet, but with no luck.”

“Eventually it came back to drag the first piglet under the marula tree on the S65 junction and began to eat. My guests were amazed, especially since it was their first time in Africa and they had never seen a leopard in the wild. It was the highlight of a lifetime for them.”

Sightings of leopards are generally rare, as they are typically very shy cats. This sighting was so unique and special, not only because it was a leopard. But this was a success story for the leopard and the guests. This just goes to show that sometimes stopping to admire the general game can lead to the most memorable moments.