Rare Footage: Florida Alligator Powerfully Slams Massive Python, Turning the Encounter into a Jaw-Dropping Dinner Drama

The WWE needs to sign this alligator to a contract ASAP.

There’s no way that this alligator hasn’t been watching film, because it brought out this deadly body slam for the finishing move. This video (I say this every time, but this time I mean it) is the craziest “animal in the wild” clip I have ever seen.

A Florida woman (of course it was in Florida) captured this wild video, which starts with the alligator already having a fair share of control in the fight. The funny thing is that, like a professional wrestler, it seems like the alligator knows the camera is rolling, and decided to flare things up a bit.

The pre-historic creature holds the massive python in its mouth, re-positions it to add suspense and prepare for the move, then finishes off the 6 ft+ snake with a body slam.

Is it still a body slam? Do snakes have bodies? Maybe we’ll just call it a “snake slam” to be safe.

Alligators are usually known for a move called the “death roll,” where they bite their prey and roll their body to dismember and break it down. It looks like the snake might’ve already gone through that move, and just when the slithery python was on the ropes, the alligator pulled out the new move.

3, 2, 1… DING DING DING!

Hold up the alligator’s tiny, disproportionate arm, it is the undisputed champion of the “2023 Snake Slam.”

What does the alligator win? A nice, waterfront feast, which just happens to be the competitor that was body slammed to death.

Looks like a classic case of “eyes are too big for your stomach” as the alligator tries to chow down on the python in the back half of the video. The gator was trying to slurp the thing down like a spaghetti noodle, but just like a order of blazing hot chicken wings, it was not going down easy.

I’m sure the alligator eventually dragged the python off to wherever it calls home. The trip back dragging the massive python says two things to all creatures that witness it:

-I’ve got my To-Go order that I’ll be munching on for the next couple of days.

-See what I did to this monster python? You could be next. Don’t mess with me.

Score this one for the alligator, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a big ol’ gator tangle with a monster python…

Sometimes… the python wins.


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