Loyalty Unbroken: Heartbreaking Tale of Senior Dog Abandoned, Clinging to Hope with Each Passing Car for Reunion That Never Comes

An elderly dog waited in the street for over a month hoping that each car passing by would be his family coming back home for him. Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, learned of the dog’s heartbreaking plight. The dog’s family had moved away and left him behind to fend for himself. So that’s what “Fritter” did.

“He would go back to his house and sleep in a box in the backyard,” Hall wrote on her Facebook page.

When Hall went out to get him he was sleeping in the cardboard box surrounded by discarded water bottles and the junk left behind. He too had been discarded. Thankfully, some kind neighbors took pity on him. “Sometimes neighbors would leave food and water,” she said.

And the weeks went by and Fritter just waited and waited. And when the neighbors learned that the house Fritter once called home was scheduled for demolition they contacted Logan’s Legacy.

As Hall approached him, Fritter woke up. She gently asked him what had happened and reassured him everything was going to be all right.

“He was really hard to catch, but we were able to get him cornered,” Hall told the Dodo. “When I got him into my trap, he was just shivering and shivering. He was so scared.”

“He hadn’t been held in who knows how long. When we finally had him safe, he shook so hard I literally cried,” Hall said on Facebook. “But, I told him ‘you will never be left behind again.’I held him tight. He won’t be lonely anymore.”

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Hall took him to Camino Pet Hospital and after getting some medicine and a bath, Fritter felt he could finally relax. “He knows that he’s rescued and safe. He’s smiling now,” she said.

Hall hopes someone will want to adopt the loyal dog and give him the love he deserves. To inquire about fostering or adopting Fritter contact Hall through Facebook.


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