Mysterious Sky Over Beijing: UFO Divides into Three Separate Craft, Captured in Video on January 15, 2024, Stirring UFO Sighting Debate

Guys, this is odd, a UFO was seen in a cloudless sky in China a few days ago. The object soon broke into three separate objects. With all this happening apparently it didn’t show up on radar because no military jets were seen trying to investigate the UFOs.

Now thats strange. Yes Musk does launch a lot of rockets, but over China? I guess only Elon Musk could answer that big mystery. To me this looks, acts and moves like an alien craft. It doesn’t look at all like a rocket. It’s an interdemensional craft, which phases in and out.

People in the capital and other parts of China saw ‘glowing object’ that flew rapidly from west to eastResidents of Beijing and other parts of China reported seeing a UFO on Sunday evening, The unusual sighting caused a stir on Chinese social media – by noon on Monday it was the fifth most searched topic on Weibo, with more than 900,000 threads about it.

Posts started appearing on social media after people saw and photographed an unidentified flying object in the sky just after 6pm on Sunday.Another gave a more detailed description, saying the weather in Beijing was “very clear, with no clouds, and then I saw a glowing object looming, but the light was not flashing”.

The luminous object “had three light sources and was shaped like an isosceles triangle”, the person wrote, adding that it eventually “dissipated like a mist and disappeared without a trace”.

The UFO was reported by people in a number of places in China, including the nearby city of Tianjin, as well as in the central province of Shanxi and Shandong in the east.

UFO seen over Beijing could have been SpaceX rocket, astronomer says | South China Morning Post

They described the object as “a misty ball of light” that flew rapidly from west to east and made no sound. Many who saw it noted that there were no flashing lights so it was not likely to be a plane.


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