A Tale of Hope: Blinded Through Suspected Dogfighting, a Resilient Dog Yearns for a Cuddle Buddy and Loving Home

Last November, 108 dogs were rescued from the largest suspected dogfighting operation in Michigan and among them was a blind dog chained outside with only a broken-down doghouse for shelter.

Bark Nation, an animal welfare organization based in Detroit with a mission to end dogfighting and save lives, rescued all the dogs with the help of federal and state law enforcement.

The dogs were examined by a veterinarian who determined the sweet boy, who was clearly blind, most likely lost his eyesight due to trauma endured in dogfighting.

Jessica Brown, Director of Operations at Bark Nation, told us, “We can’t imagine how traumatic it must have been for him, to live outside, not protected by the elements, and be fully blind.”

He was named “Turkey Jerky Snack” (also known as the KING) and quickly won the hearts of staff and volunteers.

Turkey is adjusting to shelter life but would love to find a forever home. He is putting his traumatic past behind him and is ready to love someone unconditionally. Getting around a new place is challenging and frightening when you cannot see, so Turkey has his own special wagon that he rides in to go outside every day.

He is looking for someone to cuddle with, so all movie and TV junkies please apply. This sweet fella needs a loving home and a soft couch to lounge on. He’s completely blind – but so is love. He still enjoys adventures like going to the park, however, his favorite place to be is by your side. Cuddling up and watching movies with some tasty, dog-friendly snacks is his perfect day.

“He’ll happily have a Disney movie marathon, eat cheese pizza, and snuggle his people all day on the couch,” stated the shelter.

While he waits for his person, he is being spoiled with treats and just recently won an award at the shelter’s “Bark-ademy Awards”. Turkey was named Best Actor. The shelter wrote, “The Bark-ademy Award winner for Best Actor melts the hearts of everyone he meets. He is sweet and silly and keeps everyone on their toes! Our winner is hoping that his newfound fame and glory would bring him closer to adoption. He has had fun playing with another dog in our shelter and may enjoy a canine pal. He is fully blind and 100% perfection.”

Turkey needs a fenced-in yard and a patient family who will help him adjust to his new surroundings. He could possibly live with another dog, but he will need slow introductions which the shelter team is happy to help arrange and assist with.

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering Turkey can find out more here.

Several of the “Great 108”, the name given to the dogs rescued from the dogfighting raid, have found forever homes but there are dozens more who are still waiting for their second chance at happiness. Check out all the adoptable dogs here.

Bark Nation continues to fight to end canine cruelty and dogfighting while caring for dozens of rescued dogs. Since 2018, they have successfully placed over 450 dogfighting survivors into loving homes with the help of their partners. They do all of this without government funding and rely on the generosity of their supporters. Learn more about their amazing work and how you can help by visiting their website.


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