Incredible Footage: Red-Tailed Hawk’s Epic Battle to Protect its Nest from a Stealthy Owl Invader

King of the nest.

Two amazing predators fighting over territory is one thing, but to do it all way up high in the sky is a whole other ball game.

Birds of prey are just cool, there’s no two ways about it. But, there are some that are more badass than others.

Great horned owls are one of those. They are a predator that is usually nocturnal and as badass as they come. They are known to take out the young of many other predators and steal the nest of some too if they can’t find any good ones.

This owl decided it was time to take over this red-tailed hawk’s nest. The hawk took quick notice and swooped in hoping to save its home.

Crashing down, the hawk just body slams on top of the owl and the pair start to duke it out right there in the nest.

Now, I have to say, I’ve never seen footage like this of two birds fighting. It’s crazy how they get back on their butts and let their feet do all the work… kind of like kangaroos.

It makes sense that they fight like this since their talons are both certified weapons, but it’s still wild to see.

The owl scares the hawk off as it jumps to safety in the air. It immediately swoops back around and comes back at the owl that is definitely still on high guard.

As the hawk comes down the eagle literally does a back flip, kicking away the hawk in the process. The owl falls out of the nest and that’s it for the battle.

It seems as though the hawk won but the video says the owl came back and laid its eggs right in the hawks nest.


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