From Despair to Renewal: Astonishing Visual Journey Chronicles Street Mongrel’s Miraculous Recovery from Severe Mange

This heartwarming video reveals the transformation back to good health undertaken by a stray dog found wandering the streets of India.

Staff at Animal Aid Unlimited heard about the canine’s plight and so took it upon themselves to save him.

And the dog’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Suffering from terrible mange, after six weeks of loving care he appears a perfectly healthy, happy pet.

The pet dog was found cowering on the streets of India, terrified by people and suffering from mange

But six weeks later, he is seen as a normal, healthy and happy dog that enjoys human affection

After catching the pained and terrified animal using a large net, the centre’s staff began a slow process of nursing it back to health.

Giving him affection, food, water, and medicated baths, the dog slowly begins to show signs of improvement.

Within just days his coat begins to show signs of improvement, although he remains shy and appears uncomfortable with affection.

But six weeks later, the turnaround is complete. He is seen playing with other dogs and enjoying the affection his carers while roaming the compound grounds.

Mange is a skin disease brought on by tiny mites which animals living in urban environments sometimes suffer.

It is distinctive by how it appears on the animal’s skin and for its victim, can be itchy, painful and smelly

Staff from Animal Aid Unlimited, India, catch the stray dog on the street using a net

After taking him to their centre, he appears frightened and uncomfortable with human affection

Here he is pictured eating his first meal after staff begin to nurse him back to full health

After being given food and water, they began the first of many medicated baths (pictured)

Six weeks later, the same dog is almost unrecognisable – he has a colourful and healthy coat

He also appears grateful for the rescue and shows affection towards his carers, while out playing with other dogs


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