Heartwarming Harmony: Farm Animals Unite to Teach Three-Legged Deer the Art of Running [Video]

Farm animals band together to teach three-legged deer how to run
Rudie went through so much, but he was still the sweetest deer around.

If you live out in the country, you probably see deer frequently. They’re always running around, chewing on grass and scampering through the forest. Most of the time, it’s best to observe deer from a distance like any wild animal.

But in some unique cases, a deer may need help to survive.

That was the case for one very special deer in a story out of Australia. This little guy’s name is Rudie, and he was brought into a veterinary clinic when he was only two days old.

Although he was otherwise normal and healthy, he was missing one of his front legs.

It took Rudie a little while to learn how to walk properly with such a different sense of balance, but he persevered.

Visitors to the clinic would see the effort Rudie was putting in and were moved.

It wasn’t long before a loving family adopted Rudie as a “therapy deer”—and the rest is history!

Now, Rudie lives happily with a family in the country along with many other animal friends.

Other animals on the property include two dogs and a cat—and they all get along with Rudie famously.

To further showcase all of their adventures, the family even made a special Instagram account, @rudiethereindeer, to allow people all over the world to see Rudie’s journey and recovery! Anyone who sees the account is sure to fall in love.

Not only is Rudie adorable, but his positivity and courage are also inspiring.

Although this story is more topical during the holiday season, Rudie’s story is one that applies all year round.

We have to face many hardships in life, some of which may seem insurmountable. The loss of a leg for a deer is generally a fatal injury. Fortunately, with a little bit of help and a lot of his own courage, Rudie was taken in by good Samaritans to make a swift recovery. After that, he was taken in yet again by a loving family.

Through it all, it’s actually a direct result of Rudie’s hardships that he inspires so many people and has the internet fame that he has today!

Rudie is now six years old, and he’s still doing great.

The little deer has the best time with his family, and they do lots of fun things together. Rudie also loves hanging out with all the other animals on the farm, which includes cows, horses, and dogs. He’s as sweet as can be.

“What he’s been through, you’d think he would be really shy, and he’s the total opposite!” Rudie’s mom, Miranda told The Dodo.

Rudie is a sweet deer who loves his family so much. We’re so glad Rudie was saved and has gone on to live such a wonderful life.

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