A Halloween Miracle: Moose Gets Tangled in Decorations, Offers Grateful Thanks to Family for Its Release

Moose Gets Tangled In Halloween Decorations, Seemingly Thanks Family For Freeing Him

The outdoors are getting spooky.

Moose are not typically pinned for being aggressive, but you never know what could provoke the large mammals.

While there are many videos of people acting like absolute idiots around wildlife, sometimes you have to take the risk to help when an animal is in need.

So, when a couple saw that a moose had walked through part of their Halloween decorations, which had gotten stuck on his antlers, they knew they needed to help.

A spooky ghoul had wrapped its flowing clock around the antlers, making it hard for the animal to see.


The couple started out with a pole, trying to hook the cloth to remove it from a far distance (smart people here, knowing it could startle the animal).

However, when that did not work, they knew they needed to get closer to remove the decorations.

Luring the moose over to a chain-link fence, the humans stood on one side, reaching over the fence to grab the items off the antlers. While the fence would stand little chance of survival had the moose chosen to headbutt it, it’s refreshing seeing some safety measures being taken.

Once the moose was freed, he stood there and then walked back up to the people, almost thanking them for the help.


What an extraordinary interaction showing the softer side of nature.



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