Heartbreaking Struggle: Dog Found with Rubber Bands Around His Muzzle, Enduring Pain That Cut Him to the Bone

St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education located in Murphysboro, Illinois, was contacted by the local shelter to help a severely malnourished dog. The owner finally surrendered two neglected dogs to local police and when they were brought to the shelter, one of them had rubber bands wrapped tightly around his muzzle.

A monster wrapped rubber bands around the muzzle of a dog and left him to suffer. He was rushed into surgery when the staff found the rubber bands had cut through the skin and to the bone.

The poor dog was unable to eat or drink, and from his condition, they guessed the rubber bands had been on for at least a week. The staff was heartbroken and furious that someone could intentionally harm a sweet dog, writing on Facebook:

“Those dreadful Rubberbands cut off his circulation!Those nasty Rubberbands cut deeply into his skin!Those vile Rubberbands cut him to the BONE!Those disgusting Rubberbands cut through every type of tissue!But, those ghastly Rubberbands did not cut this little guy’s sweet & gentle demeanor!”

Staff named the little dog Wyatt and said even though he was in excruciating pain, he never growled or tried to bite. The rescue wrote, “Unable to eat or even drink he has lost weight & was one of the most severely dehydrated animals our vet has ever seen!”

Wyatt underwent multiple surgeries to repair the damage done by the rubber bands. “Wyatt had his 2nd reconstructive surgery today. While his snout remains swollen, Dr. Creese was able to close the entire injury. We are very hopeful this will be his last facial surgery.” Thanks to loving and generous people he is on the road to recovery.

“Wyatt is doing well. He is eating and enjoying all of the love he is receiving here at St. Francis,” shelter workers posted in an update. Wyatt has countless fans and some are even bringing him toys, soft food, and blankets. Someone even treated this good boy with a trip to the groomer.

Finally, the day arrived when Wyatt was healthy enough for adoption — although the ongoing investigation into Wyatt’s injuries led the shelter to abstain from the usual adoption day photos. “Due to the investigation & for the protection of Wyatt & his new family, his adopter will be chosen but, not announced,” shelter workers wrote.

The rescue was flooded with applications from potential adopters who’d followed Wyatt’s story on Facebook and wanted to adopt him. It wasn’t long before this very good boy found the perfect home. (Doc, the other dog surrendered with Wyatt, has also been adopted).

Carbondale Police Department is investigating Wyatt’s case, although the state attorney has unfortunately declined to file charges. This dereliction of duty has left shelter workers outraged, but they remain committed to sharing Wyatt’s story in hopes of raising awareness so other animals don’t suffer as he did. If you see something, say something, do something.


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