Compassionate Rescue: Kind Couple Frees Fox Stuck on the Road, Offering a Heartwarming Act of Kindness

A fox stuck by the road side was freed thanks to a kind couple who spotted the wild animal in the distance.

In the video posted to YouTube a Russian couple approach a fox thrashing on the side of a gravel road. The poor animal’s leg had gotten entangled in a piece of exposed road fabric. It appears that no matter how hard the fox struggled, the fabric got tighter and tighter around his leg until he couldn’t break free.

Watch the video:

The man uses a coat to cover the fox to keep him from being bitten and slowly uses a knife to cut through the road fabric trapping the fox.

After some minutes of effort, the kind man manages to free the fox. The fox looks momentarily confused but then dashes off quickly into the bushes. He’s certainly lucky the Good Samaritans happened across him when they did or he likely would not have survived!


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