He Grew Up Fearing Humans, But Now He’s Loves All Around The World

Quasimodo was found as a stray with a rare genetic condition called short spine syndrome

He was taken to a shelter and seems to have immediately grown a fan base in what looks like a could-be the perfect fairy-tale ending.

His chest is around a third of the size it should be, and has practically no neck to support his head.

He is one of only 13 dogs in the entire world who are known to suffer from the affliction.

Yet if you met Quasimodo, you wouldn’t think he suffering.

He was taken in by the Secondhand Hounds of Minnesota where they described him as a “friendly, wonderful, sweet boy.”

The rescuers were confident Quasimodo would find a home, especially considering how well he has taken to them.

Due to his special condition, he could face some health problems later on in life, but hope for him to find a home wasn’t lost.


On his second day with the rescue, Quasimodo went for a vet assessment.

He was first taken to the vet for a checkup and then moved to a temporary foster family with the Secondhand Hounds.

The staff at the foster home loved him so much, that this ended up becoming his forever home, and his new life began!