Woman and Her Faithful Dog’s Jog Past Funeral Home Leads to Touching Moment When a Little Girl Asks Her to Stop

A woman named Emily Beineman and her dog Blue jogged by a funeral home where 6-year-old Raelynn Nast sat outside. The little girl asked the pair to stop so she could pet Blue. Emily had no idea that Raelynn’s father had just died. And what happened next is all God!

God has an incredible way of putting the right people in the right place just when we need them most.

And this was certainly the case when He sent Emily Beineman and her dog Blue jogging past a particular funeral home in Arkansas!

Woman And Her Dog Comfort Grieving Child

Raelynn Nast adored her father, Davey. Tragically, though, the 41-year-old dad passed away from colon cancer.

The loss left his family devastated. But it hit 6-year-old Raelynn especially hard.

“She was very proud of her dad,” the girl’s mother, Lacey, explained. “She always wanted to introduce her dad to just about anybody.”

On the day of her father’s viewing, Raelynn sat outside on the steps of the funeral home. She noticed a woman and her dog coming down the sidewalk. And it turns out God had sent this furry angel right when Raelynn needed it most!

Raelynn stopped Emily, asking if she could pet Blue. And the kind-hearted woman and her dog were more than happy to grant the little girl’s request.

The sweet child loved on Blue and gave him a huge hug. And that’s when she shared the news about her father with Emily.

Next, Raelynn hit Emily with a heart-wrenching request. She invited the woman and her dog inside to meet her dad.

God’s Hand At Work During Tragedy

Even though Emily wasn’t dressed for the occasion, she could sense how much this meant to Raelynn. And she knew what she had to do.

“Everyone was kind of looking around like, ‘Where did she come from?’” Lacey explained of the moment her daughter walked in with a complete stranger. “She came in right next to Rae like they’d known each other for so long. There was that connection there.”

It didn’t take long before everyone realized something bigger was going on here. This random woman and her dog off the street weren’t walking in by chance. Divine intervention had called them there.

“She made me feel better — by her kindness,” Raelynn said of her instant bond with Emily.

And it was a blessing for the whole family.

“I think God led you and Blue over here today for a reason,” Raelynn’s Aunt and Uncle told Emily with tears running down their faces. “Blue’s love and gentleness that she has shown her has touched our hearts.”

The powerful moment just goes to show how, even in the darkest times of our lives, God is still at work. He knew just what this young, grieving girl needed and sent her comfort through a woman and her dog.

Emily and Raelynn may have started out as total strangers. But that’s not the case anymore. After their divine encounter on the street, the two share a special bond and have continued to get together.

And Emily is just as grateful for the special connection as Raelynn and her family.

“I’m especially thankful for God allowing us to meet this special little girl on one of the hardest days of her life… she is the perfect reminder of God’s goodness & faithfulness through every storm,” Emily said.

No matter what you face today, know you are not alone. God is with you and will provide for your every need!

“My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

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