Wild Pursuit: Intense Chase as Two Wolves Exhaust Whitetail Buck, Culminating in Nature’s Fierce Dinner Scene

Well, that’s not something you see every day. We all know it happens out there, but we just don’t see it. To be truthful, I hate seeing a big buck go down like this. They have outsmarted all sorts of predators for many years and grew to be a large member of their population, contributing yearly to the genetic pool.

Really though, it’s just like hunting. It’s best for the deer population for predators to take out old mature bucks that have already had the chance to pass those genetics along.

But, I still just hate to see it. As a hunter, I think it’s the urge to want to be able to harvest the animal myself, along with the general distaste for predators that chase the same animals we do. And you don’t even have to ask a farmer about wolves… they hate them.

The reality is that predators are good for the environment where they naturally occur though. Just like we have seen with the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone. They just make things complete and work right.

Deer are one of a wolf’s favorite meals, along with just about anything they can get ahold of from moose and elk, to bison, and even smaller mammals. They love all wild meat that is in their respective areas.

A man, an oil field worker, was driving down the road when he came across two wolves having their way with a massive whitetail buck.

The deer, still living, cries out as the dogs happily eat away at its hind quarters. You can see all involved are absolutely exhausted, so you can imagine a long and grueling, chase preceded this footage with the deer unable to continue on. Even the wolves look gassed.

The buck struggles to get up and every time he does, the wolves immediately pull him back down with ease.

The deer fights with all he has but ultimately the wolves win. They happily rest as the deer takes its last breath.

Nature is an unforgiving place.


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