Watch: Fearless Badger Fends Off Two Coyotes, Emerging Unscathed from the Intense Encounter

Put some respect on the badger’s name.

When people think about vicious creatures in America, the obvious answers of grizzly bears, wolves, and mountain lions rightly come to mind first, but honestly, if these were pound for pound rankings, there would be a clear winner in my book…

If you’re unfamiliar, let me introduce you to the psychopaths of the animal world.

Related to wolverines, otters, and minks, badgers weigh around 20 pounds and are slightly over 2 feet in length. They’re carnivores, eating mainly gophers, squirrels, moles, and other similar creatures, as well as rattlesnakes, birds and lizards. They live top to bottom just about every part of the United States except for the Southeast, and can be found in any landscape, although they prefer grasslands where food is more prevalent.

Oh, and they’re completely out of their minds.

Seriously, even when severely outgunned in the size department, these guys will fight off and take out predators who come too close their territory, of which badgers are extremely protective. They also have one of the most terrifying screams of any animal that will send chills straight through your bones.

Need an example?

How about this badger fighting off two attacking coyotes?

In a video aptly set too a Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” remix, the fiery badger fights off the two coyotes that attacked him at his den.

While the coyotes do look to have the upper hand for a few seconds, for the most part the badger is in complete control, even grabbing ahold of one of the coyotes by the jaw, which ended the fight.

Seriously, put some respect on the American badger… these guys are no joke.


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