Viral Footage: During President Biden’s visit at LAX, an unidentified flying object was spotted soaring past Air Force One, sparking wonder and amazement

A UFO was spotted hovering over Air Force One during a fundraising trip President Biden took to Los Angeles earlier this month in footage shared online by two amateur plane trackers.

The footage, captured from a live stream of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by brothers Peter and Joshua Solorzano, shows a mysterious balloon-like object seemingly hovering over Air Force One during Biden’s Dec. 10 trip.

“A few viewers are saying we saw a UFO,” Peter says in a clip shared to their YouTube channel L.A. Flights.

The pair, filming at LAX as two F-35 fighter jets monitored the skies for the Ppresident, excitedly pointed out the jets being refueled mid-air before the shiny white or silver object darted across the sky.

The object first appeared on-screen at 10:18 a.m., prompting Joshua to ask his brother, “You saw that? We got something flying in the way.”

“I’m not too sure what it was,” he adds.

The object appears twice more in the video with the final spotting made at 11:08 a.m.

A UFO was spotted above Air Force One in Los Angeles earlier this month. L.A FLIGHTS / Youtube

The UFO appeared during Biden’s trip to Los Angeles to fundraise for the upcoming 2024 election. REUTERS

“Is that it? Is that one of the UAPs that we’ve been talking about?” Peter asks excitedly.

“I’m kind of scared of looking at this,” Joshua replies. “I’m not sure what that is, could it be a balloon? I’m thinking balloon.”

Peter, seemingly unconvinced, jokes, “Are you just saying that to keep certain authorities away?”

The footage was captured by brothers Peter and Joshua Solorzano and shared on their YouTube channel. L.A FLIGHTS / Youtube

The Solorzano brothers did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

Mick West, a UFO investigator, reviewed the footage and told DailyMail the object was most likely a balloon that appeared to be moving due to the plane in the background.

“It looks like a balloon and moves like a balloon,” West said.

The object was spotted racing across the live stream three times. L.A FLIGHTS / Youtube

The Pentagon has investigated nearly 300 UFO sightings over the past year — some of which they fear may actually be the creations of foreign governments trying to spy on the US, officials said earlier this year.

Earlier this year, NASA appointed its first-ever director of UFOs, admitting it still has no idea what a number of inexplicable flying objects spotted over US skies actually were, and shared its commitment to studying the phenomena.


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