Video: On December 1, 2023, an airport security camera in Mexico captured a high-speed, unidentified flying object, adding another layer to the UFO enigma

On December 1, 2023, at 9:46 am, a surveillance camera installed at the airport in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, captured a very fast UFO flying over a passenger plane standing on the runway.

The dark disc-shaped object flashed in front of the camera so quickly that it was possible to examine it in more detail only by greatly slowing down the video.

The object does not seem to resemble a bird or a drone.

Since this camera broadcast the video online to the Internet, the flashing air anomaly was immediately noticed by one of the users watching it at that moment and posted the video on the social network.

“What was it and how fast was it flying?” the user wrote in a post with a video, and commentators quickly rushed in with their opinions.

Some believed that it was just an insect flying very quickly towards the camera, others blamed the bird.

However, those who were sure that it was an alien ship were in the majority.

They wrote that UFOs began to fly over us so often that they were increasingly being caught on surveillance cameras, and in fairly good quality.


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