Video: Mexicans claim to have found a cave with figures that suggest there was contact between pre-Hispanic civilizations and extraterrestrial beings

A fascinating discovery was made in a forest in Veracruz, Mexico, where a cave full of jade stones was found. These stones are not just any ordinary stones; they contain extraordinary carvings that depict what appear to be gray aliens with slim bodies, large heads, and big eyes. This incredible find was made public by Mexican journalist Javier Lopez Diaz.

These carvings are complex and show figures that bear a striking resemblance to the typical portrayal of Grey Aliens. In addition to these figures, the carvings also include what seems to be a UFO and a Mayan leader. The depiction seems to illustrate an exchange of artifacts between the Alien and the Mayan leader, suggesting a form of interaction or contact.

Experts who have analyzed these jade stones affirm their authenticity. The discovery includes various paintings as well, which depict scenes of friendly encounters between humans and aliens. This has sparked excitement among historians and UFO enthusiasts alike, with some suggesting that these carvings could be evidence of ancient alien contact influencing the development of human civilizations like the Maya and Aztec.

Watch the video:

However, it’s important to note that while these findings have generated a lot of interest and speculation, they have also been met with skepticism from some quarters. The National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, for example, has expressed skepticism about these claims.


This discovery is indeed significant as it could potentially offer new insights into ancient cultures and their interactions, and it certainly adds an intriguing chapter to the story of human civilization’s development and its possible interactions with extraterrestrial entities


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