[Video] Homeless Dog With Shocking Appearance Finally Gets The Help He Desperately Needs.

When an animal rescue center was informed about a stray dog wandering a rural area in India, there was no telling what they’d find. Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization in India that rescues and treats the animals living on the streets in Udaipur, India. Their goal is to rescue thousands of hurt and sick animals and encourage their community to show compassion for all creatures.

More than that, they provide sanctuary to the animals who need life-long care. So when a call came in about a dog with a swollen face, they knew something had to be done.

His appearance was unlike anything most of us have seen before… in fact, you could hardly tell he was a dog at all. He looked more like a pig. Without knowing how severe his injury was, there was no way of knowing the extent of the infection… and a serious infection was the only explanation.

It turns out that he had an incredible abscess on his face which could possibly be fatal. Though he had been in so much pain, something amazing happened a little later after rescuers drained and treated the abscess.

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