Video: Brave Good Samaritan Risks Life to Free Two Bucks Tangled Together

Good Samaritan Saws Off Deer’s Antler To Free Two Bucks That Got Tangled Up In Each Other

Often, when you see videos like this, it’s a much gnarlier scene.

When it comes to any animal with antlers, there is a chance that they can get hung on things, whether it’s a tree, a bush, or tangled up in a fence…but it’s pretty bad when they get tangled up with each other.

A group of people caught an incident on camera where two bucks had gotten tangled up with each other in a creek. You can see early on in the video that these two bucks look like they have been wrestling with each other for a bit, trying to get untangled.

At one point, the larger buck flipped the other guy over his back, trying to pull to release his own antlers.

The two were clearly exhausting all their options, attempting to free themselves. And with the cries coming from both deer, you know that they are uncomfortable and distressed.

With exhaustion in their eyes and seemingly unable to escape the creek, these folks stumbled upon them at the perfect time.

The hero of the group, Brad, had a small electric saw on an extended pole and was trying to saw one of the antlers at the point of entanglement. While the two deer were still thrashing around in the water, it made for a difficult task.

After the first attempt to get close with the saw, the deer twist and turn once again, leading both bucks to land on their backs. While being stuck like that is not fun for anyone, it gave the people trying to help the perfect opportunity to unhook them quickly.

In a quick movement, they were able to saw off one piece of an antler, allowing the bucks to wiggle free.

One ran away quickly, and the other was quick off the ground but stayed standing in the creek after. One can only hope that he didn’t have any serious injuries after the wrestling team tried to untangle themselves.

In the end, it could have been a much worse outcome for these deer than it was.


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