Uri Geller Reveals Shocking Image: ‘Real Photo of Alien’ Captured in Controversial Photograph

Uri Geller claims that he has a photo of a curvy extraterrestrial with ‘prominent’ lady parts, taken in the basement of an abandoned building during an encounter in 2004

Uri Geller has unveiled a ‘quite amazing’ photo allegedly showing an alien naked – with “prominent” lady bits.

He said the curvy ET was spotted in the basement of an abandoned building

A security guard was left spooked by the 2004 encounter in Neuvo Leon, Mexico – where UFOs were allegedly spotted in the skies just last month.

Author Whitley Strieber – who claims he was abducted by aliens in 1985 – shared the pictures with pal Uri and is convinced they are “real”.

Sharing the image online the legendary spoon-bender said: “My dear friends. I received this image from my friend Whitley Strieber.

“Whitley said that this image is probably real. It is also of the beings that he sees and has seen and been with.

“He thinks it is real because of two things.

“The prominent vagina is immediately evident when you see them naked but it is not commented on in the UFO Literature because very few people actually see them, especially not naked.

“Secondly they reproduce in a manner very different from us. What in the world she’s doing in the basement of an abandoned building in Mexico I cannot imagine.

“Probably she was emerging from below the surface with the intention of going out into the area to fulfil various needs.

“She was surprised by the nightwatchman. Whitley believes that this image may be authentic.

“The image is said to have been taken by a security guard in the basement of an abandoned building in Nuevo León.

“When people look at this image it is going to be looking back at them. Quite amazing.”

Uri, 76, claims he held a piece of a UFO in his hand nearly 50 years ago and governments are covering up evidence of aliens’ existence because people “can’t handle the truth”.

“I know the US Government does have material,’’ he said.

“I was shown a piece and asked to hold it and describe what I felt. It was metallic, smooth, pearl-like, with rainbow reflective `skin’.

“When I held it I sensed vibrations. It felt like it was breathing…as if it was alive.

“I wish the US Government would just come out and admit it.”

Sharing two further images of ‘aliens’ on X, Uri asked his followers if the photos could be “debunked”.

Uri said his close encounter with a UFO came after he was recruited to the CIA by senior officials impressed with his mind control ability.

Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell – who was the sixth person to walk on the Moon on the Apollo 14 mission – accompanied him on his visit to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, US, in 1974.

There he was introduced to aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun, a former Nazi rocket builder recruited to work for the US Government on its space programme.

After using his will to bend von Braun’s wedding ring to convince him of his powers the pioneer opened his safe to reveal a mysterious piece of metal.

“The colour – it was like nothing I’d ever seen before,” Uri said. “It gave off a hue. It was almost alive.

“I touched it and told Wernher, ‘this is not from our planet’. He said, ‘you’re right – this is a piece of a UFO that crashed on Earth’.

“I can tell you very clearly something only a few world leaders know. That is that we are in contact.’’’

Von Braun died four years later aged 65. Mitchell passed away in 2016 aged 85.

Uri said he has been frustrated by the slow release of evidence ever since.

He believes it is ‘all part of an effort to slowly open people’s mind and prepare them for much larger revelations’.

“Right now they are only dropping hints and half-truths and using subliminal symbolic messages because they think that the public are not yet ready to know everything, and they fear that `you can’t handle the truth’,’’ he added.


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