Unveiling the mysteries of Stonehenge, theories of ancient aliens suggest an enigmatic connection, positioning this iconic structure as a potential UFO hotspot, adding a new layer of intrigue to its age-old secrets

A gigantic glowing UFO has been caught on camera hovering above Stonehenge – prompting one witness to claim it belongs to “little green men”.

Tash Minto and her partner Tony Waterhouse were driving on the A303 just outside Mere, Wiltshire, on October 31 when they noticed the flat circular disk of white light.

It was hovering in the direction of Stonehenge and Tash, 31, quickly took out her phone to film the unusual sight.

The video shows the shape glowing orange and it appears to be stationary.

They carried on filming until the object mysteriously “disappeared”. “It came out of nowhere and just as quickly was gone again,” Tash later said.


The marketer and Tony, 36, have desperately tried to explain away the sight, with suggestions ranging from drones, a prank and even the moon.

But they haven’t ruled out aliens being to blame.

“Tony kept mentioning it was like the X-Files and I told him to stop because it just didn’t feel natural,” Tash continued.

“I’m a big fan of nature and this didn’t seem to come from anything like the sun or the moon, it felt like it was coming from something artificial.

“Tony said it was definitely little green men. Personally I think, if they are out there, they won’t be very little. I think they’ll be giants.”

The witnesses claimed that, from the naked eye, the light was in the direction of Stonehenge.

And it would not be the first time “aliens” have been brought up in discussion around the famous landmark.

Conspiracy theorists have long-claimed the huge slabs of rock, which weighed around 50 tonnes, could only have been moved by extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Tash later posted the video online hoping an “alien” expert would be able to give her an answer. But it has only sparked more debate.

“Friends have tried to tell us it was a prank or something simple but the more they watch the footage and hear our reaction to it from the time, they’re even more stumped,” she added.


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