Unsightly but Unforgettable: Shelter Dog, Overlooked by Many, Rescued but Still Awaits a Loving Home

Shelters are inundated by unwanted animals that deserve loving homes. Helping every one of them is challenging, but it is certainly the goal! One dog, named Mr. Magoo, was passed over time and time again. It affected him so much that he felt unworthy of a home. His appearance had turned off so many people that it seemed unlikely he’d ever leave the shelter kennel.

Lisa with the rescue group Frankie Lola And Friends, stepped in specifically to save Mr. Magoo and “his eyes lit up, and he was so happy.” Despite his poor health and the pain he was in, he was so sweet and appreciative. In the video, Lisa says, “How did you remain such a kind soul after having been so neglected?” Proof, yet again, that dogs are forgiving, loving creatures.

Mr. Magoo was so excited to leave the shelter that he ran out of its doors and down the street beside Lisa. It was as if he won the lottery! And in many ways, he did! Now it was time to take him to his foster home and get him healthy! His foster mom worked tirelessly to give Mr. Magoo his best second chance at life.

Mr. Magoo is still available for adoption. If you’re interested in giving the pup a forever home or know someone who is, click here!


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