Unlikely Friends: Heartwarming Photos Capture Inseparable Tiger and Lion Cubs Before Animal Instincts Take Hold

Big cats are not generally known for being friendly creatures but these adorable photographs show how a pair of newborn cubs have become the best of friends at a zoo in Japan.

These adorable lion and tiger cubs were born at African Safari in the Oita prefecture of Japan earlier this year

Staff at the zoo have been sharing these adorable photographs over the last few weeks, making thousands of people coo over the images

The two cubs seem completely unaware that they’re different species as they snuggle up against each other (left). Right, the lion cub falls asleep

The revealing images show how the animals have yet to gain their animal instincts. Above, the tiger cub snuggles up to a bunny at the zoo

Left, the curious tiger cub is seen sniffing the bunnies, who in turn appear to be completely unafraid of the big cat and right, the lion cub appears to be eyeing up its prey

The young cubs look like they were born to be siblings as they play fight (left) and frolic in the grass (right)

Staff at the park remarked on Twitter how while it’s young, the lion cub looks more like a leopard in this photograph

Hug me! African Safari has a petting zoo where visitors can actually have their pictures taken with furry creature – for now

No photos please! The tiger cub appears to be rather camera shy here as it covers its face while lying on the floor

There are currently several sets of tiger and lion cubs at the park but this pair have struck up an unlikely friendship

These tiny creatures may still be small in the photographs but staff posted on Twitter that they are growing up fast

Entrance to the safari park costs 2,500 Yen (£18.09) for adults and 1,400 Yen (£10.13) for children, with additional charges for some areas


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