Unlikely Companionship Defies the Odds: Rescued Otter Forms Unbreakable Bonds with Lion and Hyena in Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

Moses, who has been hand-reared since he was a few days old, was bottle-fed and taught to swim

Meet the adorable orphaned otter that thinks he’s a hyena and comes nose-to-nose with a huge lioness

This adorable orphaned otter shows no fear as it gets up close with a huge lioness and play fights with a family of hyenas.

Moses, who has been hand-reared since he was a few days old is a regular sight at the animal park in South Africa, where he shares a bed with park owner Annel Strydom.

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Help: Moses the otter goes for a swim after being taught by his adoptive mum

As the video shows, Annel has a unique bond with Moses after he arrived at the Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela weighing just 400g.

Friends: Moses the otter tries to get close to a lion

Hello: Moses enjoys spending time with the big cats at the South African park

Walk: Moses the otter takes a stroll with a spotted hyena

She bottle fed him every three hours and even taught the young otter how to swim – a skill he’d learn in the wild from his mother.

Moses, a Cape Clawless otter, now joins her on her daily rounds of the park, feeding and playing with all the animals she encounters.

Close: Moses gets nose to nose with a lioness

Play-fight: Moses thinks he is part of the hyena family

Play: The wild animals all play together