Unique Rescue Dog with a ‘Vampire Smile’ Brings Love and Laughter by Nibbling on His Loving Family

“This little dog that some people see as ‘broken’ or ‘ugly’ … has the power to bring so much joy.”

Bre Burger is used to falling in love with special needs dogs. Over the last eight years, she and her wife, Amanda, have adopted multiple pups with disabilities — each just as cherished as the last.

But a few months ago, the loving couple was scrolling through social media and instantly froze when they saw a tiny dog with a vampire-like set of teeth.

The dog, Marv, was being fostered by one of their friends. Marv was looking for a forever home, and Burger had a feeling that the pup would fit right in with her family. When no one stepped up to give Marv a home, she swooped in to save him.

“I couldn’t stop worrying about who he would end up with like he was already ours, so he just needed to be ours — that was the only way to ensure he got the best life he deserved,” Burger told The Dodo. “I knew the level of care he would need and that most people wouldn’t give him that.”

A few days later, in June 2023, the Burgers welcomed Marv into their family. They were ready to care for him in all the ways he needed and excited to learn everything they could about him.

First, they investigated the ins and outs of Marv’s unique mouth.

“Marv has a genetic disorder, but we don’t know which one,” Burger said. “Part of that is parrot mouth, which accounts for his overcrowding of teeth and short lower jaw [and] short tongue. He has a second row of teeth at the bottom and two long ones on top that always stand out to people.”

They haven’t been able to get an official diagnosis for Marv yet as they wait for medical clearance from a neurologist for anesthesia, but they’ve learned how to accommodate his needs.

Since his tongue is too short to reach the bowl, Marv’s parents give him water using a plastic syringe. They’ve also figured out how to best feed him.

“Marv’s favorite thing in the whole world is eating!” Burger said. “I sit [and] prop him up with towels, put a bib on him and feed him with a spoon. He looks so forward to it.”

And since food tends to get trapped in his overcrowded mouth, Marv gets a thorough teeth brushing after every meal.

Marv’s physical appearance might resemble a vampire’s, but his personality is the exact opposite.

Sure, he’s known to sink his teeth into his favorite people, but it’s always out of love.

“He communicates very uniquely!” Burger said. “His way of showing me love is to nibble on my fingers very gently.”

When he’s not salivating on his family, Marv can usually be found cradled in his parents’ arms or watching TV on the couch like a human.

“He’s like a little person in a dog’s body,” Burger said. “Since his front arms automatically cross, he looks even more distinguished when he’s doing it.”

Since adopting Marv, the Burger family has been posting his daily adventures on Instagram. They love knowing that Marv’s adorable face has made someone in the world smile, but above all, they hope the little guy can serve as an important reminder for all animal lovers.

“It touches my heart that he has this ability to connect with people and make them feel happy,” Burger said. “This little dog that some people see as ‘broken’ or ‘ugly’ because he looks different and can’t walk has the power to bring so much joy, and that is his little life’s purpose.”


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