Unexpected Heroes: Fishermen Rescue Drowning Deer Six Miles Offshore, a Heartwarming Display of Compassion Amidst the Waves

Rob Kurdy and his friends were out fishing in Long Island Sound when they spotted something six miles off shore. There, in the water, was a buck, swimming in circles.

The animal was shivering and barely staying afloat so they decided to save him. They used some rope to attach him to the boat and tow him back to land. When they reached the shore, Kurdy jumped into the water with a life jacket and pulled the deer the rest of the way himself!

Watch the video:

Neighbors brought blankets to warm up the buck and after several hours he was able to stand up and be on his way. As for Kurdy and his friends, they have a fishing story to remember.

He says, “It’s a life and I’m not going to let him drown. He was out in the middle of nowhere…so we all said ‘we can’t let him drown’. It was just the right thing to do.”

Watch Rob tell this incredible rescue story in his own words in the video below and share it with your friends!


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