Unbelievable leap: Dog barely escapes a hungry wolf pack by jumping off a fence in Abruzzo, Italy in a Video footage

A BRAVE, canny and extremely quick canine has enjoyed an incredible escape from a menacing wolf pack in thick snow in the mountains of southern Italy.

Amazing footage captured by local Paolo Forconi shows the dog as it is hunted down by a menacing pack of three wolves in Abruzzo.

The wolves surround the dog on the snowy ground.

According to Forconi, sightings of “predatory” wolves used to be a rarity in the area but in recent years the animals have become emboldened and spurred on by hunger have began attacking and killing pets in the region and other animals including goats and chickens.

In the video, the wolves can been seen zeroing in on the domesticated dog, which appears to be cornered on the wrong side of a barbed wire fence.

The dog looks in serious trouble.

Watch the video:

The dog runs alongside the fence as the wolves move in from higher ground in the heavy ground.

The golden coloured dog, which appears to be a Belgian Shepherd or German Shepherd cross, looks to be in serious trouble before it quickly changes direction and heads back along the fence as the trio of wolves continue to give chase.

The wolves close in again.

The leader of the pack catches up to the dog and goes in for the kill but the smaller dog escapes. The wolf then bites the dog a second time before it breaks free again.

However the wolves then appear to have cornered the dog against the fence and it all looks to be over for the poor animal.

The dog becomes tangled in the barbed wire fence.

The dog becomes tangled in the barbed wire fence.

That is until it manages to jump through a small break in the wire fence and works its way through to the other side.

The surprised wolves stand then stand back in shock as the dogs sprints its way to safety.


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