UFOs spotted over Lima airport in Peru. Did a glowing disc-shaped UFO lead to flight delays at a Peruvian airport?

The self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher revealed that flights were delayed following the UFO sighting above a Peru airport.

Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher known for releasing strange clips featuring UFO, has now shared some mindblowing details about an unidentified flying object sighting which happened above an airport in Peru. In his website UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C Waring wrote that the apparent UFO sighting occurred on February 27 in the skies above the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

The conspiracy theory channel also revealed that the UFO hovered in the skies for more than an hour, and as a result, several flights were delayed. As per Waring, two UFOs appeared above the airport and made it clear that the flying objects were positioned on runway 33.

The alien researcher also shared a video from a Peruvian YouTube channel on his website which claims that staffs of the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (Corpac) have also witnessed the incident.

After analyzing the video, Scott C Waring argued that UFO sightings above airports are quite common. Waring believes that these unidentified flying objects that appeared over the airport in Peru might be from an alien world located in the deepest nooks of the universe.

“Flying objects are expected at the airport…making even a UFO sighting more relaxed and less of a surprise. Honestly…aliens are supposed to land at the airport, not on our house…right? I say…let them land. Give them clearance,” wrote Waring on his website.

A few months back, a conspiracy theory channel named ‘UFO Today’ uploaded an eerie video that shows a flying object moving at very high speed above the skies of the Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. Upon analysis, several experts agreed that the object filmed in the video was not a drone, as such flying objects are not capable to travel at such high speeds.

However, sceptics used to dismiss the alien angle surrounding these sightings stating that it could be reflections from windows which are resulting in these visual tricks.


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