UFOs Over Lake Michigan: Over 300 Witnesses Recount Horrifying Tales of Supersonic Speeds and Mysterious Water Extraction in Unresolved Mysteries

Horror details about ‘UFO traveling at 72,000mph and sucking water from Michigan lakes’ revealed in Unsolved Mysteries

NEW chilling information on a mass UFO sighting that led to hundreds of 911 calls from a small Michigan town has been revealed in a recent episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

On March 8, 1994, more than 300 people in 42 counties reported seeing strange hovering objects scream through the skies at 72,000mph – two even said they watched in horror as a UFO sucked out fresh water with impossible technology.

New information is coming to light after more than 300 people witnessed a horrific UFO sighting in Michigan on March 8, 1994, according to reports

New information is coming to light after more than 300 people witnessed a horrific UFO sighting in Michigan on March 8, 1994, according to reportsCredit: Netflix

Retired meteorologist Jack Bushong witnesses the event and teamed up with a ufologist to draw a map of the sightings

Retired meteorologist Jack Bushong witnesses the event and teamed up with a ufologist to draw a map of the sightingsCredit: Netflix

While stories from one of America’s greatest mysteries vary slightly from person to person, there are several key similarities in the descriptions of what Michigan residents saw.

Unexplainable lights were spotted from various towns surrounding the great lake as well as five or six cylindrically shaped objects that moved in a concerning circular path, according to reports.

Jack Bushong, a former meteorologist, had been tracking UFOs that 1994 night while he worked late at his National Weather Service job inside the Muskegon County Airport.

For hours, Bushong watched the mysterious movements and confirmed that the reports were indeed legitimate.

“They weren’t planes,” the radio operator told the Detroit Free Press in 1995.

“Planes show as pinpoints on the scope, these were the size of half a thumbnail.

“They were from five to 12,000 feet at times, moving all over the place. Three were moving toward Chicago.”

Jeff Velthouse, who was a Holland Police Department officer at the time, said he witnessed flying objects that were green, red, and white through binoculars, according to an incident report

Others said the UFOs looked like twinkling Christmas lights zooming through the evening sky.

Two campers even said they watched in horror as a UFO sucked up freshwater using a creepy mechanism, director of the Unsolved Mysteries episode Gabe Torres claimed.

“That’s a hotspot, what’s called a UFO hotspot, that area around Lake Michigan. The Great Lakes are the largest sources of freshwater in North America,” Torres said.

“So, if you’re seeing a lot of UFOs, and these people report this sort of waterspout going up into it not coming down — do these things use water in their travels?”

Bushong eventually met with ufologist Michael Swords in an attempt to make sense of the confusing incident.

The two worked together to draw a map gallery that illustrates the movements of the UFOs.

Despite the unprecedented number of sightings, the details surrounding the UFOs remain unclear, with officials ruling out commonplace objects like small planes, gas, weather balloons, military aircraft, or debris, The Chicago Tribune reported in 1995.

“We’re trying to solve the mystery of what this was, along with Jack [Bushong],” director Torres told Movie Maker.

“And so, we’re hoping that people will tune in, watch this, and be able to give us another piece of the puzzle.”

He theorizes that if the suspected UFO were carrying extraterrestrial life forms, they likely came here to observe human life on Earth and “figure out who we are and what we’re all about.”

“They’re clearly not a threat to us,” he added. “They clearly have advanced technology that hasn’t been utilized against us in an aggressive way.”

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