UFO Sighting Sparks Speculation of Alien Base Presence in Gujarat, India, Claims Self-Styled Researcher

The self-styled researcher assured that the UFO sighting is indicating the presence of an alien base in Gujarat, India

A new UFO video apparently captured from the skies of Gujarat, India is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The video was shot on June 21, and it showed multiple moving lights in the night skies.

The UFO video shot from Upeta of Rajkot district in Gujarat has already sparked several bizarre theories on the internet. According to media reports, residents in the area apparently heard the sound of a large explosion just a few seconds before the UFO sighting. The explosion was so powerful, as people from neighboring areas too heard the sound.

Alleged UFO spotted in GujaratYouTube

Experts revealed that the loud noise could be from an Indian Air Force jet that took off from the Jamnagar Air Force base. However, there were no reports of any training exercises carried out on that day.

The video of the UFO incident was later analyzed by self-styled alien researcher Scott C Waring who is currently operating from Taiwan. After watching the eerie clip, Waring claimed that the UFO video is proof of alien presence on earth. He also suggested the possibility of an operating alien base that is located underground.

“Each set of four lights are just one craft. The explosions heard are from the UFOs shooting away out of Earth’s atmosphere or into Earth’s atmosphere…at high speed. The speed had to have broken the sound barrier for the sonic boom to be that big. UFOs can easily do that. These are 100% real UFOs and are proof that an alien base exists somewhere near the city of Gujarat, India 5-6km below the surface,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

This is not the first time that UFO sightings are being reported in India. A few years back, villagers living on the Indo-Pak border in Jammu had reported similar sightings, but the origin of these flying vessels still remains a mystery.



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