Triumph of Compassion: Abandoned Doberman Puppy with Birth Defect Embraced by Loving Family, Gaining a Real Chance at Happiness

A sweet Doberman puppy rescued off of the streets of Ukraine was given a chance at survival and happiness recently when he was taken in by Love Furry Friends Rescue.

Captured in a video, the adorable youngster was discovered tied up outside of a veterinary clinic abandoned. Clumsily stumbling about, he was scooped up and whisked away to a more promising life by Furry Friends, who regularly saves vulnerable street animals from lives of misery and neglect.

Animal Rescue

Shown at a pet store for supplies, Leo is then brought home for a bath and a hearty meal before being tucked into his new bed filled with toys and a blanket for extra warmth. He is so obviously grateful for the food and attention that it almost breaks your heart. He’s clearly thrilled to be there and play with the resident dog, Mimi, who always cheerfully welcomes the rescues that regularly come her way. In the short clip, you see the puppy’s hero pals decided to name him Leo.

Veterinarian Checkup

Next viewers see little Leo going in for a visit with a local veterinarian who will assess his overall health and physical condition. Because he cannot walk properly, he can’t wear his front nails down as most dogs do when walking, so he’s given a quick trim. After a round of x-rays, the level of Leo’s disability is discussed.


Born with congenital bone and joint disease, he favored his right paw and his left was forced into a prone position which caused him to walk on the back of the front leg rather than on his pad. While it didn’t appear to be causing him any major discomfort, the condition impacted his ability to maneuver properly, leaving him unstable. We don’t find out what his treatment options involve until a follow-up video.

Animal Welfare

In the second video, we learn Leo’s right paw is damaged and that it was likely the reason he was abandoned. He still seems as happy and playful as any puppy regardless of his condition. The following day, he’s taken to a specialist in Kyiv to discuss surgery. It’s soon found that the condition of his right paw was the result of an injury, rather than his disease and that it was likely stepped on and left untreated. After that, the paw stopped growing and developing.

Medical Needs of Rescue Pets

But there was some good news included. As it turned out, Leo didn’t need surgery to get better but rather physiotherapy and help from a rehabilitation specialist. A mold of his leg was taken and an orthosis was created for him to wear on his rehab journey. With the help of massage and rotation/extension exercises, Leo is on his way to recovery. Little by little, we see Leo begin to support his weight on the paw and navigate better.

By the time the video ends, Leo is much improved but he still has a ways to go. Viewers are encouraged to share his story to increase his chances of finding a forever home. We hope you will. Watch the videos below.


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