Tragic Encounter at Dutch Zoo: Horrified Visitors Witness Pack of Brown Bears Violently Tear Apart Wolf in Shared Enclosure, Gone Awry

Horrifying moment bears rip wolf to PIECES as pack desperately tries to save her at zoo - Daily Star

The zoo reportedly said the animals were housed together for ‘enrichment’ before the horror incident

Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo - LADbible

THIS is the sickening moment a pack of bears RIPS a wolf to shreds in front of horrified zoo visitors in the Netherlands on Monday.

In the distressing clip, the bears can be seen rounding on the wolf in a muddy watering hole – as the rest of the wolfpack try to intervene.

The bears round on the she-wolf, thrashing and dragging her through the water

The footage was filmed on Monday at Dierenrijk Zoo in Mierlo, and while it’s unclear why the wolf was attacked, the zoo reportedly said the animals were housed together for “enrichment”.

In the horror video, three of the bears tear at the she-wolf, dragging it through the water, while a fourth bear holds back the other distressed wolves.

In the background, concerned adults can be heard talking as well as children.

Eventually the bears drag the she-wolf onto the muddy bank, growling and tossing the smaller animal onto the ground as the other wolves attempt to fight back.

The other wolves attempt to fight back – but are pushed back by one of the bears

It’s reported that the four wolves and four brown bears were in the same residence, so that “they are challenged to get along with each other”, calling it “enrichment for the animals”.

Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo - LADbible

According to local media, a spokesperson for the zoo said: “The two-year-old she-wolf came out of the water with another wolf when she was attacked by the bear.

“The visitors warned the caretakers, but the she-wolf was already dead.”

Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo - LADbible

The incident was declared a ‘fatal accident’ according to reports.

According to the zoo, there have been no previous incidents between the animals.


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