Touching Moment: Distressed Mama Fox Cries Out for Help to Save Her Precious Baby

Distressed mama fox cries out for someone to help her baby
She desperately needed their help.

You might catch a fleeting glimpse of one at twilight, but for the most part, they keep to themselves.

If you happen to see one up close and personal, it’s usually a sign that something’s amiss.

This was precisely the situation in Cooden Beach, an English town where locals noticed a fox lingering near a drain pipe.

The drama began when residents heard mysterious cries echoing from the depths of the drain.

As they investigated the source of the noise, they discovered an adult fox standing conspicuously close to the opening of the pipe.

The sight of a full-grown fox out in the open was so unusual that everyone knew something was seriously wrong.

Upon closer examination, the heart-wrenching reality became evident.

The fox wasn’t just any fox; she was a mother in distress.

Her baby cub was trapped in the labyrinthine drain pipe, and she was powerless to help.

It was a parent’s worst nightmare, and the mother fox could do nothing but stand there, visibly anxious.

But don’t worry, this story has heroes.

Some compassionate locals reached out to the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) for assistance.

The rescue team arrived, armed with a drainage rod, ready to fish the little one out of his subterranean trap.

The team worked diligently, trying for about 90 minutes to reach the cub.

Despite their best efforts, they realized the cub was stuck in a section of the pipe that was simply out of reach.

The stakes were high; if they couldn’t free the cub, it would not survive. But they weren’t about to give up.

After a brief pause to regroup, the rescuers gave it another go.

This time, fortune smiled upon them.

One of the team members felt the cub within the tunnel!

It seemed the little adventurer had managed to crawl back towards the entrance of the hole but needed that final nudge to break free.

With renewed hope, the team grasped the cub and gently pulled him out.

He was safe at last, and the collective sigh of relief was almost palpable.

The next step was a quick bath for the cub, who was probably more than a little disoriented by his underground ordeal.


The emotional climax of this tale came when the cub was finally reunited with his mother.

The rescuers placed him in an open carrier, and the mother fox approached cautiously.

After a moment of tender interaction, she helped her cub out of the carrier, and the two scampered off into the woods, their family once again complete.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, transcending species.

It also highlights the incredible role that compassionate humans can play in the lives of animals.

The East Sussex WRAS truly outdid themselves in saving this adorable fox family.

If you’re moved by their life-saving efforts, consider supporting their work with a donation.

Watch the sweet rescue in the video below!

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