Tiny Triumph: Tic Tac-Sized Puppy Overcomes Health Hurdles, Blossoming into a Feisty Dog in an Inspirational Journey of Resilience

Many dedicated dog owners have experienced taking care of a litter runt. As small as it is, by giving it the best care, it could grow up to be a strong and lovely dog.

It is hard to take care of a runt since there are challenges that you will face every day, challenges that you could rarely encounter from nursing a larger pup. However, that should not become an obstacle to stop you from adopting one. The joy and the feeling of fulfillment that you get after seeing the dog grow up to be healthy is just priceless.

A rescuer took this tiny pup home and took care of it.

Leslie, from a group of rescuers called NorCal Bully Breed Rescue, encountered an American Bully runt. She was asked if she was interested in taking care of a newborn pup, and she immediately welcomed it in her home.

The pup, Kane, was just slightly bigger than the size of a Tic Tac box, and he also suffered from a cleft palate so it was hard for him to suckle on his mother’s breast. They had to force-feed the puppy using a tube to survive, and they kept him inside an incubator.

When the pup was six weeks old, his eyes finally fully opened. Leslie noticed that Kane was blind in his right eye, and she also saw scars on top of his left eye. She had doubts about whether Kane would grow up only half-blind, or fully blind.

Kane’s rescuers also found problems with his small appetite.

The rescuers were worried that Kane was not eating well. There are days that the dog would just ignore his food which resulted in his terrible weight loss. But one day, Kane finally learned how to eat on his own. He even hilariously raised his hind legs excitedly as he ate.

This tiny bully grew up fierce as he lived with the other bulldogs.

Kane may have been tiny, but he could still hold his own with the other bulldogs. Even though he loved to cuddle with other dogs, Kane could also be as fierce as the other big dogs despite his size.

Eventually, someone fell in love with this adorable runt puppy and decided to adopt him.

The woman, Melissa, was partnered with several rescue groups. Despite not being a rescuer herself, she is an advocate of “Adopt, don’t shop.” She is also a bulldog lover and had raised several bulldogs in her home. When she saw little Kane, she instantly fell in love with him. She monitored the dog’s growth by having Leslie give her regular updates.

When Kane was old enough, Melissa started arranging Kane’s adoption process from the North Carolinian rescue group. She fetched him from the airport and welcomed Kane to his new home, and she had his left eye removed immediately as suggested by the vet.

Now, Kane is living the best life as a large potato dog.

Kane now has a new family to live with. He is now part of Pudge The Pit family. Melissa made sure that Kane and her other bullies would get along, and now, Kane has grown up from a miniature pup to a healthy four-legged potato. And it’s all thanks to the rescue group’s and Melissa’s efforts and compassion.

If you’d like to learn more about sweet Kane, check out the video below.

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